Purpose of education in a country is the preparation of the youths (new recruits of the society) for effective future living in a changing society without loss of those aspects of the culture that have been time valued. Education system must respond to the changing needs of students and their teachers. This is usually achieved by the education system with a well-articulated and well-designed set of learning experiences that rise above varied cultures that interact with one another. Nations look into the future with saintly resolve of achieving a good system that is able to
produce and train nationals that are able to meet the demands of the future and not lagging behind in a competitive world. The accomplishment of set goals on what education should be in the future demands a clear vision of the future. This involves total commitment of both material and financial resources to the educative process. This paper recommends a change in method of instruction, some new interactional framework for learning made possible by new technologies, and explored some of the implications of these new frameworks for the physical settings of learning.

Keywords: Learning Experience, Financial Resources, Transformation.

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