Talent Acquisition involves all the sub-processes around finding, attracting and engaging highly talented individuals into your organization. FMCG industry alternatively called as CPG (Consumer packaged goods) industry primarily deals with the production, distribution and marketing of consumer-packaged goods. The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) is those consumables, which are normally consumed by the consumers at a regular interval. Some of the prime activities of FMCG industry are selling, marketing, financing, purchasing, etc. The industry also engaged in operations, supply chain, production and general management. Researcher aim to study the present Talent Acquisition Strategies being operational in FMCG Industry with special reference to DS Group, Mother Dairy and Dabur India Ltd. Researcher has collected various facts and figures and tries to correlate and develop relationship between the various variables and the strategies adopted by FMCG Industry.

Keywords: FMCG Industry, Talent acquisition strategies, Recruitment, Sourcing.

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