This study scrutinizes the student’s satisfaction towards the co-curricular trainers in Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Malaysia. The underlying principle is that to provide positive information to the trainers to grant students better quality of co-curricular service in boosting up their satisfaction level. The theoretical framework of students’ satisfaction (SSCT model) was developed based on relevant literatures and theoretical considerations adopted from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Model. A survey was distributed to 400 co-curricular students with 90.5% response rate. Six latent variables: student’s expectation towards the trainer, perceived quality, perceived value, students satisfaction (SSCT), trainers image and students confidence were asked in the survey. Data was analyzed using structural equation modeling technique, to estimate the fit indices for all the latent variables. Results conjectured that students’ satisfaction (SSCT model) is analogous to the existing model (ACSI model). Thus, the SSCT model can be implemented as a stuctured model for measuring students’ satisfaction towards the co-curricular trainers as the fit indices of the model is having a good fit. Further investigation revealed that all index scores for each Co-curricular Unit are above 65% except for the index score by Music Arts Unit.

Keywords: Higher Education, Co-Curricular Trainer, Students’ Satisfaction, Structural Equation Modeling, Index.

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