This paper describes various facets in collection development in a digital environment in the libraries. The various changes that have occurred in acquisition, retrieval and storage of information processes due to technological developments have been discussed. Limitations, issues, challenges restrictions and problems being faced by library managers and clientele due to the same have also been highlighted. The way these developments have affected libraries in particular, and changed the role of librarian has also been focused. This paper is indicating e resources of libraries a very important role in this fast changing go green of publishing. Their role includes identification of selection of information, its organization of management, storage retrieval and dissemination to right users at the right time at right place at right price and in right format. The goal of any academic libraries is to meet the teaching, research and other information needs of the user. The proliferation of the literature on all the subjects, price of journals hike in currency conversion rate and the budget crunch made the libraries depend upon each other. This leads to library co-operation, resource sharing and networks etc. at present the online database, E resources facilitate formation of the colleges at resource sharing among the libraries.

Keywords: E-resource; e-services; Library management.

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