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This study scrutinizes the student’s satisfaction towards the co-curricular trainers in Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Malaysia. The underlying principle is that to provide positive information to the trainers to grant students better quality of co-curricular service in boosting up their satisfaction level. The theoretical framework of students’ satisfaction (SSCT model) was developed based on relevant literatures and theoretical considerations adopted from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Model. A survey was distributed to 400 co-curricular students with 90.5% response rate. Six latent variables: student’s expectation towards the trainer, perceived quality, perceived value, students satisfaction (SSCT), trainers image and students confidence were asked in the survey. Data was analyzed using structural equation modeling technique, to estimate the fit indices for all the latent variables. Results conjectured that students’ satisfaction (SSCT model) is analogous to the existing model (ACSI model). Thus, the SSCT model can be implemented as a stuctured model for measuring students’ satisfaction towards the co-curricular trainers as the fit indices of the model is having a good fit. Further investigation revealed that all index scores for each Co-curricular Unit are above 65% except for the index score by Music Arts Unit.

Keywords: Higher Education, Co-Curricular Trainer, Students’ Satisfaction, Structural Equation Modeling, Index.

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Essential, or genuine, freshwater crabs are heterotreme brachyurans that live in freshwater, semi-earthbound, or earthbound territories, and that replicate by direct advancement, lacking free-living larval stages. Essential freshwater brachyuran crabs are spoken to be in excess of 1300 species and contain one-fifth of all the world’s brachyurans or genuine crabs. The examination by Cumberlidge on the preservation status of freshwater crabs uncovered that one-6th of all evaluated species have a raised danger of extinction; nonetheless, given that practically 50% of the species need information on defenselessness, that appraisal is an underestimation of the genuine hazard level. According to Cumberlidge, Trichodactylidae and Pseudothelphusidae (both confined to the Neotropics) have the most astounding risk. Cumberlidg evaluated the preservation status of the freshwater crabs in the Neotropics and presumed that 34% of pseudo thelphusids have a raised danger of extinction, and 56% of the types of this family are information insufficient.

Keywords: Crab, Fresh Water, Semen.

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The term ‘Library Automation’ is getting utilized broadly in library to mean the applying of technology to play out some of the standard library exercises reminiscent of procurement, recording, course, stock check and so on information Retrieval, programmed combination and abstracting, and organizing square measure encased in its see. Other than PC, media transmission innovation and reprography innovation are participating in a noteworthy part in library computerization making Libraries and Librarians to reclassify their goals and parts severally.

Keywords: Library, Automation, ICT.

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Information needs different information contraption has impacted our regular day to day existence and research and progression works out. Latest devices for information correspondence have realized the speedy diffusing of information and miracle deal with practices in research and academic circles in India. Academic libraries, for the most part annexed to university and research establishment as centres of information organization, benefitted by the snappy changes in advancement. The approach of modernized PC in media transmission and fluctuating media headways has opened up better methodologies for social event, masterminding and dispersing consistent and specific information. Scholastic libraries have officially changed their particular breaking points by using reasonably innovative data advances to improve and arrange their particular data assets and associations.

Keywords: Information, Education, Library.

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The focal goal of the eleventh organizes is at present fixated on “Extension of approaching in instructing with comprehensiveness, quality, and important education and upheld by essential educational Reforms inside the university and personnel framework. These investigations have given important contribution to advancing the point on everything about targets. Since these investigations territory unit bolstered the exceptional investigation and assessment of authentic data, the discoveries from numerous points of view zone unit new and insightful. The discovering moreover exhibits the rising issues in showing framework inside the nation and furthermore the potential answer. Since the investigations territory unit made and new inside their substance the UGC resolved to distribute them in the style of a report for the work of the instructional exercise network. We tend to zone unit cheerful that the focal and specialists, leader, persuasive individual, instructional foundations, and scientists can see the bits of knowledge of those investigations of utilization for various capacities.

Keywords: Quality, Higher, Education.

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The researcher discussed about the image stitching that is the process of modifying the perspective of images and blending them, so that the photographs can be aligned seamlessly. The success of web service technology is clearly evident from the usage and adoption of this IT technology. A large number of providers from different sectors of industry are shifting to web service technology. Web services are software components accessible through programmatic interfaces and can perform tasks from simple requests to complex processes. Priority based trust (PB) model presented for service selection in general service oriented environments. It follows Reputation based and Trusted Third Party approach. It overcomes the limitations of Certified Reputation Model. PB Trust model is also getting consumer expectation on trust for individual service attribute.

Keywords: Web Service Technology, Priority based trust, Reputation based, Trusted Third Party approach.

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Software testing activities are usually planned by human experts, while test automation tools are limited to execution of pre-planned tests only. Regression analysis can imply a far wider range of statistical procedures than often appreciated. In a number of common data mining procedures are discussed within a regression framework. The author discussed one of the newly emerging challenges is how to minimize the amount of retesting after the software is modified. Some people believe that the program correctness can never be demonstrated through software testing. Data mining algorithms need a technique that partitions the domain values of an attribute in a restricted set of ranges, only because considering every possible ranges of domain values is infeasible. Genetic Algorithm (GA) is a self adaptive optimization searching algorithm.

Keywords: Regression analysis, data mining, domain values, Genetic Algorithm

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This paper describes various facets in collection development in a digital environment in the libraries. The various changes that have occurred in acquisition, retrieval and storage of information processes due to technological developments have been discussed. Limitations, issues, challenges restrictions and problems being faced by library managers and clientele due to the same have also been highlighted. The way these developments have affected libraries in particular, and changed the role of librarian has also been focused. This paper is indicating e resources of libraries a very important role in this fast changing go green of publishing. Their role includes identification of selection of information, its organization of management, storage retrieval and dissemination to right users at the right time at right place at right price and in right format. The goal of any academic libraries is to meet the teaching, research and other information needs of the user. The proliferation of the literature on all the subjects, price of journals hike in currency conversion rate and the budget crunch made the libraries depend upon each other. This leads to library co-operation, resource sharing and networks etc. at present the online database, E resources facilitate formation of the colleges at resource sharing among the libraries.

Keywords: E-resource; e-services; Library management.

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Talent Acquisition involves all the sub-processes around finding, attracting and engaging highly talented individuals into your organization. FMCG industry alternatively called as CPG (Consumer packaged goods) industry primarily deals with the production, distribution and marketing of consumer-packaged goods. The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) is those consumables, which are normally consumed by the consumers at a regular interval. Some of the prime activities of FMCG industry are selling, marketing, financing, purchasing, etc. The industry also engaged in operations, supply chain, production and general management. Researcher aim to study the present Talent Acquisition Strategies being operational in FMCG Industry with special reference to DS Group, Mother Dairy and Dabur India Ltd. Researcher has collected various facts and figures and tries to correlate and develop relationship between the various variables and the strategies adopted by FMCG Industry.

Keywords: FMCG Industry, Talent acquisition strategies, Recruitment, Sourcing.

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The dynamic nature of business world has given ample scope and has broadened the horizons of service sector. Be it liberalization of Indian markets in early 90’s, privatization and globalization; each has a significant contribution in the boom of the service domain. The opening of Indian insurance market for the foreign players has been a bone of contention for a very long time. To maintain competitive edge and viability, insurance companies are focusing intently on delivering superior customer service and making the customer relationship strong with best facility.

Keywords:  Privatization and Globalization, Indian Insurance Market, Service Domain.

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