The Internet is believed to be the most transforming invention in the human history and rightly so. Internet today has changed everything our style work, the way we learn, way of playing, the way we communicate and most significantly, the way we do business. The factor that has enabled this is the ease of accessibility of the internet anywhere any time. With most of the mobile companies now providing mobile internet, anything in the world is now just a click away. Moreover with about 27% of the world’s population online, we can only begin to imagine the huge potential Internet has to offer for the businesses to market their products and services. The cut-throat competition clubbed with the dynamic market conditions has made Internet Marketing a business imperative because the Internet is an indefeasible trend. Under the existing circumstances a business that follows only the traditional and conventional marketing methods is bound to lose valuable customers without an online presence. People normally search for products and services with their computers and if a business is not on the web the usual perception is that it cannot be trusted and they are more likely to choose another company to do business with.

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